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555 Circuits

Create an innovative 555 design, the 555 should be the heart of the circuit.555 timer Design

Here are some pages having 555 design ideas that will help you learn quickly. Then create your own design, be original. Only youngsters below age of 10. Single Digit humans can copy.

Above the age of 10 you copy only to learn and Do-it-Yourself or DIY. Better still CIY - Create it Yourself. Be Creative, Be original and Shake the Planet.

delabs 555 Resources More Here

555 Timer Project Design Software for Beginners and Experts

Each provides an array of design wizards, circuit blocks and information panels that facilitate the use of the 555 timer in projects. Component value calculations for the 555 take into account the supply voltage, timer fabrication (CMOS or Bipolar), and, where appropriate, load currents.

555 Timer

22 timer design wizards - 14 for the astable mode, 8 for the monostable mode

input circuitry - for gating an astable or triggering a monostable. Input categories are switch, touchplate, continuity, liquid level, AC detect, light, sound, and temperature.

counter wizards - facilitate divide by/count to strategies using common binary and decade counters

output circuitry - that can be activated by the 555 timer. Includes switching loads, driving motors, driving LEDs, lamps, numeric and bargraph displays, and audio, ultrasound and RF outputs

NE555 Timer Designer (Freeware)

TimerDesigner allows you to easily design Asymmetrical Oscillator, Symmetrical Oscillator, & One Shot 555 timer circuits in seconds!

555 Timer Program for Windows

This program allows you to calculate Resistor and Capacitor values for both Astable and Monostable modes.

May work in win-95 and win-98 well, in xp copy all needed OCX and DLL into program folder. It may Be VB4. Try installing Visual Basic Runtimes at KarenWare

555 Timer Chip Reference

delabs 555 Resources