Pickering Interfaces – Test and Measurement

Pickering Interfaces – Test and Measurement

Three Channel Function Generator - Pickering Interfaces - Test and Measurement

“Pickering Interfaces is a market innovator in signal switching and conditioning for a broad range of applications and architectures with the largest range of switching cards in the industry for PXI, LXI, PCI, VXI and GPIB test solutions to users and integrators of modular test systems.”

Three Channel Function Generator

Features Include

  • DC to 10MHz
  • Three Channels in One 3U Slot
  • 48-bit Frequency Resolution
  • Simple Generation of Repetitive ArbitraryWaveforms

“The 41-620 is a compact 3 channel function generator provided in a PXI 3U single slot module. It is capable of generating sine waves to 10MHz with 48-bit frequency resolution referenced to the 10MHz PXI clock or to an external standard.”

PXI Instruments - Dual RF Attenuator 63dB in 1 dB steps

Shown on right is the 41-180 Programmable Attenuator Module. Mechanically switched attenuators used for conditioning the signal levels from devices under test and ensuring that other measuring instruments are operating close to their optimum operating point for noise and linearity.

PXI Instruments – Dual RF Attenuator 63dB in 1 dB steps

Features Include

  • DC to 3 GHz attenuator
  • 1 dB attenuation resolution
  • Maximum attenuation 63 dB

Pickering Interfaces Ltd. Map

A company in United Kingdom who Design and manufacture commercial and custom switching systems. These are used in the electronics test and switching systems in test automation. PXI instrument modules, Switching products based on proprietary chassis systems, on the open standard PXI system, PCI cards and on the VXI standard too.

January 1968. Pickering Electronics started by John Moore to design and manufacture high quality reed relays for use by Original Equipment Manufacturer’s in switching systems.

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