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Equipment Design and Development Tools – LabSmith

“LabSmith was founded in 1995 by Dr. Eric Cummings, whose work at Caltech and other institutions exposed the need for a new approach to research equipment design.”

Equipment Design and Development Tools – LabSmith

“LabSmith has introduced entirely new classes of equipment, such as high voltage sequencers, real-time recording fluorescence microscopes, uProcess Aautomation products, including syringe pumps and valves, and breadboard-based microfluidics components.”

Microfluidics with the LabSmith LabPackage-Making a Microfluidic Injection on a Chip

Microfluidics with the LabSmith

“Breadboard-based connections and components for capillary and tubing-based microfluidic setups.”

“From snap-together microfluidics to affordable, feature-laden microscopes, LabSmith has earned its reputation for innovative solutions to research problems.”

6111 Southfront Road, Suite E· Livermore, CA 94551

SMI LabHut – Science and Lab Supplies

Major supplier of chromatography and dissolution equipment, consumables and accessories for European and US manufacturers. They have an experienced Technical Support Team of Professionals.

SMI LabHut – Science and Lab Supplies

Manual Headspace Sampler compatible with all GC’s. Operates at 110V or 220V. An economical solution for any lab preparing small to medium numbers of headspace samples.

AH-600 Atlas Manual Headspace Sampler

“Analyse up to six samples at a time using all popular vial sizes from 2 – 27ml. The design of the syringe heating block is such that excellent accuracy and reproducibility is easily achieved, and a simple performance qualification ensures that the AH600 will deliver the results that you expect and need, again and again.”

SMI-LabHut Ltd.
Unit D8, Churcham Business Centre, Churcham, Gloucester, GL2 8AX, UK.