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Electrical Engineering Metrics. The EE Metrics – Volts, Amps, Ohms, Henry, Farad, Watts and many more.”EE” is Electrical Engineering. “Metric” from Latin metricus is “relating to measurement”. Combining them is a Acro-Portmanteau. (Acronym).

Test and Measurement Instruments that are most popular and also general application tools are Power Supplies, Multimeter and Oscilloscope. Then comes more specific application tools like Logic Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers and Data Loggers.

Oscilloscope is perhaps the most coveted instrument by an engineer.  It not only measures the static or average value of a parameter like volts or amps; it also helps visualize the dynamic graphical representation of that parameter in an active circuit.


The most affordable and common test instrument was the analog multimeter, Now DMM or digital multimeter have taken their place. Analog Meters are still preferred for many general purpose uses. It may be a good idea to have both.

Test Measurement – Multi-Meters, Small Test Tools, AVO Meters.

Data Interface –  Virtual Instrumentation, Device Networking.

analog multimeter

Most Test Equipment are Expensive and have to be carefully used to prevent mechanical and electrical damage. Even though they are built with many safety features, many users damage their instrument by wrong application and carelessness. Downtime, costs and even injury can result in improper use. Learn to use a tool first before you start measuring the unknown.

Test & Measurement, Instrumentation

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