ECG Stress and Wireless Telemetry – Mortara Instrument

Mortara Instrument has created a complete line of electrocardiography products that are well suited to today’s health care market.

Founded in 1982 by David W. Mortara, PhD, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

ECG Stress and Wireless Telemetry – Mortara Instrument

Surveyor S4 features a bright 4-inch LCD with easily selectable vibration response buttons that can be used with bare or gloved hands. Check individual ECG electrodes using the hook-up screen, view real-time ECG waveforms, and feel confident with smart features such as display timeout and nurse call.

Surveyor S4 - Mobile Monitor

Surveyor S4 – Mobile Monitor

Easy-to-handle and lightweight, the innovative Surveyor S4 Mobile Monitor can be comfortably worn by patients while in ambulatory settings.

Mortara’s SpO2 technology provides accurate and reliable pulse oximetry readings. The Surveyor S4 displays continuous SpO2 (%), plethysmogram, and pulse rate providing the convenience of checking your patient locally or from the Surveyor Central Station.

Mortara Instrument, Inc. (Global Headquarters)

7865 N. 86th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53224, USA