eDAQ manufactures e-corder and powerchrom data recording systems for electrochemistry, chromatography, flow analysis, research and teaching.

eDAQ Systems – Data Recording Systems

The Mega Teaching Kit includes all the hardware, software, electrodes and transducers required to quickly develop a wide range of exciting experiments for chemistry and biochemistry laboratory courses.

ER462 Mega Teaching Kit - eDAQ Product

The Kit includes

  • ED410 e-corder 410 (including Chart and Scope software)
  • EA163 Potentiostat
  • pH & ISE, Conductivity, and Thermocouple isoPods
  • ES260 EChem Software
  • ET014 EChem Electrode Kit
  • Drop Counter and Pulse Transducer.
  • Oxygen Electrode, pH Electrode,
  • Conductivity Probe and T-type Thermocouple Probe

ER462 Mega Teaching Kit – eDAQ Product