Electrochemistry, Energy Storage, Corrosion, Materials, Control and Electronics Test Measurement

Solartron Analytical – Electrochemistry Instrumentation

Products – Industry standard frequency response analyzers, potentiostats, electrochemical software (Zplot and CorrWare) and battery test equipment.

Solartron Analytical – Multi-channel CellTest System

The 1470E multi-channel potentiostat has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of electrochemists and material scientists to enable the rapid generation of high quality, accurate and repeatable data.

Solartron Analytical - Multi-channel CellTest System

The CellTest system consists of one or more 1470E multi-channel potentiostats and multiple 145x series frequency response analyzers (FRAs) connected to a computer providing simultaneous DC and impedance tests on multiple cells.

The 1470E and 145x FRA units are Ethernet controlled providing either local or remote control of the instrumentation from a PC connected anywhere on the same Ethernet network.

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